Australia's first online curriculum
manager for schools


Curriculum Organiser was developed by Australian teacher and principal Robin Clarke with over 40 years in the Australian education system. Robin realised that as the commitment, accountability and time pressure on primary school teachers was constantly increasing while the support and resources to assist teachers was reduced. Robin developed the Curriculum Organiser to reverse this trend at a price that is affordable to all schools.

The Curriculum Organiser allows teachers, principals and schools to better manage their planning so that they can spend more time teaching. It does this by providing 10,000s of resources, lesson plans and general classroom materials aligned to the Australian Curriculum to give teachers and principals a head start on the planning, programming and teaching. In addition, the Curriculum Organiser provides curriculum management software that allows teaches to organise their documents online and allows curriculum leaders to take a whole school approach to coordinating their curriculum development and planning.

Being online, the Curriculum Organiser is an easily accessible and cost effective addition to the primary school landscape across Australia that help relieve the pressures placed on primary schools and their teachers by the Australian Curriculum, including the requirements that come with NAPLAN. Click on the image below to download our brochure.