Australia's first online curriculum
manager for schools


I like the structure and flow of information. The system is great for organising and retrieving data. It leads to information being easily stored and shared. It is a whole new concept covering all areas. This concept is amazing, as it will just keep evolving.
Anna Shiels
I like the fact we can access everything from one place and can upload collaborative work. I like the quick access to AusVELS + Australia Curriculum. I like that Robin has good curriculum knowledge
Robyn Booth
I like how thorough, complete and informative this resource is. Well-organised and fantastic resource. We will definitely use it a lot.
Lisa Hewitt
Lots of fantastic and informative resources. Great to have all these documents online and easily accessible. Loved the way I can set up my own resources in My Plans. Great that we can chop and change documents to suit us better. It was great and hopefully will be a resource that can be used daily to make life easier.
Jane Brown
Everything is in the one place. Great to have all the resources to be able to save with your own documents or curriculum organiser documents.
Symone Mansfield
It was great to see so many resources that are readily available and to learn moe about how to store them in My Plans. There are terrific activities, templates, websites etc. Having this day to become familiar with the Curriculum Organiser and work with our new teams was incredible beneficial.
Teagan Wheeler
I like the wealth of resources available and are all linked to ACARA/AusVELS. I also like the fact that it allows for collaboration and staff accountability. A huge amount of work has gone into the development of this resource, making it a useful program for curriculum planning.
Kelly Jordan
The large amount of resources that there is available. Relevance to my area. It was great to spend a whole day looking at the curriculum organiser.
Catherine Olsen
I liked the idea of being able to access everything from one place and how it can be placed into a personal folder.
Lauren McManus
The whole package looks excellent. Ease of use. Full of resources. I like the idea that it will cut back planning time, with everything I need in one place. Values section, lots of good things in here too. Great to have it as a hands-on session. We learnt lots through having a chance to discover and play.
Angela Field
Simple set out, resources, quick links and that I can access past year six documents.
Natalie Quinn
I like the breath and depth of the program. Teacher friendly.
Rosemary Lewis
I like all of it. The overview of the curriculum, the support and resources. Seems like a gift from above. Thanks for your enthusiasm, Robin.
Gillian Robertson
The program is extremely user friendly. Very easy to find resources which I have previously spent hours looking for, particularly AusVELS. Thank you, very comprehensive session. You have done a great job.
Cindy Dorman
As a first year university student on teaching placement, I found this insightful an will be of great use to me for the remainder of my course and career after university.
Kate Doherty
I like everything. It is going to help so much with planning and organization topical work for each term. Thanks Robin.
Damian Hayes
I like the fact that I can learn about the Australian Curriculum and the organized as well as easy to navigate set up of the website. It will be a great tool for me in the future.
Heidi Simons
Fantastically detailed program.
Hamish Brown
Great ideas and organisation of curriculum. Very useful and practical. A great resource, well done.
Janelle Harms
The system looks like a great way of planning, particularly as I am re-entering teaching after 30 years away.
Karen Heyord